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A former longtime Springfield obstetrician-gynecologist has found a new calling in life. Dr. David Shifrin, who worked at Baystate Ob-Gyn Group at Baystate Medical Center for about 30 years be fore his retirement five years ago to Boca Raton, Fla., has written a medical thriller focusing on infertility and abuses of medical technology …
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OB-GYN Confessions: Intimate Stories from a Woman’s Doctor

OB-GYN Confessions: Intimate Stories from a Woman’s Doctor

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“Ob-Gyn Confessions” is a collection of short stories that is loosely based on experiences during my professional career. BecauseI have always valued the privacy of my patients, I would never jeopardize the sanctity of that relationship. Accordingly, the names, time frames, circumstances, and critical details have been carefully altered, so that any resemblance to a particular individual is completely unintentional and nothing more than random coincidence.

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